PARIS & family

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family…

We are a whanau of four (including our English Bull Terrier dog, Bon Bon). I have a womenswear label Paris Georgia with a headquarters in Tāmaki Makaurau. My husband, daughter and I are heading to London to join my business partner, Georgia, in a month's time. I’m looking forward to a new adventure and making new special memories together.

BON is a brand centred around tradition, are there any traditions you grew up with as a child and have they continued through the generations? If not, are there any traditions that you’ve created within your own family unit?

I wouldn't say my family is one for traditions, Mum & Dad always had more of a relaxed approach (which I love!). I would say spending time together in the Coromandel during the holidays has been a consistent family tradition of ours. Running down to the beach, cooking delicious food around the fire and dancing in the cabin while we do the dishes. I love reliving these moments with my own family.

What is one of your favourite memories spent with family members?

We lost my Nana when I was 7 years old, but she made such an impression on me even at that young age. She radiated kindness and warmth and had the cutest giggle. My brothers and cousins all feel the same way about her. She used to light up cigarettes with my brothers during their naughty teenage years and I remember vividly jumping on her feet as a little girl and dancing around the room with her. She watches out for us, our family angel!

What has been your favourite thing about becoming a parent?

I think watching my daughter bond with her family is really beautiful to witness. To see that instant comfort and ease she feels around them and the way her whanau love her so deeply, there isn’t anything that makes me happier.

At BON, we each have treasured items that have been passed down to us through our families. Can you talk about the charms you have added to the BON bracelet which is now what Moss will wear. Amongst the charms were there any family heirlooms? Any meanings you want elaborate on or any that mark memories?

I always remember Mum telling me about a charm bracelet she had that got stolen. She talked of it so fondly and at some stage she decided to start collecting charms again. When I started traveling I collected charms with the intention of some day making a bracelet which would combine mums & mine. It’s beautiful seeing it come to life over three generations.

What significance does your selected BON charm have to you? What made you choose these pieces for you or your child and what story will it tell?

My engagement ring is a piece from my grandma, she passed away before I was born. I love having her ring and it makes me think of her often and imagine what she was like. The ring is very 70s and I haven’t seen another like it!

What significance does your selected BON charm have to you? What made you choose these pieces for you or your Daughter and what story will it tell?

The stone set inside the charm is significant because it’s my daughter's birth stone – a ruby. Her birth was the best day of my life, not only did I get to meet my best friend but I have never felt so empowered as a woman. For example: The pearl will be a reminder for the wearer to go with their intuition, allowing instinctive energy to guide us in life & through challenging times. Ie Wearing a Birthstone Charm in honour of your child can hold special significance- Represents the unique bond between a parent and child and serves as a constant reminder of the joy, vitality, adventure, and passion that your child brings into your life.

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