PARIS & family

I always remember Mum telling me about a charm bracelet she had that got stolen. She talked of it so fondly and at some stage she decided to start collecting charms again...
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Rose Ackland

Introducing Rose, an artisan and mother settling into a new life in Tairua, New Zealand with her partner Josh and their daughter Juniper. In our interview, Rose shares insights into family traditions, childhood memories, and the values she hopes to instil in Juniper. She discusses the sentimental significance of her grandmother's vintage ring and shares why she chose the BON charm for her daughter.
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The AUGUST Birthstone - Peridot

Peridot is a gemstone that is as unique and fascinating as its history. Peridot has been found all over the world, including in Hawaii, Myanmar, Pakistan, and the Arabian Peninsula. Its vibrant green colour is due to the presence of iron, and it ranges in hue from pale yellow-green to deep olive.
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The JULY Birthstone - Ruby

The ruby birthstone has a long and fascinating history that spans several millennia. It has been prized by royalty and aristocracy throughout history, with the gemstones adorning crowns and other regal items.
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Sentiments with Georgia Pratt & family

We recently shot Georgia Pratt, her husband Nicolas & their daughter Hazel for BON and caught up with her afterwards to chat about the importance of spending time with family, traditions & heirloom jewellery & why Georgia choose the BON Pearl charm for her daughter.
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The JUNE Birthstone - Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a rare gemstone discovered in Russia's Ural Mountains in 1830. The gemstone was mistakenly identified as emeralds by miners, but they were surprised to see the stones turn red in the light of the campfire and green in the morning.
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The APRIL Birthstone - Diamond

Diamonds are forever. Truly — the word originates from ancient Greeks calling diamonds 'adamas' which means invincible, as they are. Diamonds are the most resistant substance on earth and for this reason, often symbolise everlasting love.
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The March Birthstone | Aquamarine

A gemstone of folklore and hope, Aquamarine is the guiding gemstone for March. Translating to seawater in Latin, Aquamarine’s oceanic blue-green hue has long been a talisman of the sea.
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The February Birthstone | Amethyst

Said to be the bridge connecting the concrete with the divine, Amethyst has long been linked with spirituality, love and inner power.
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Sentiments with the Müller Family

After being gifted an adored diamond ring from her grandmother, Kelly Müller began to fully grasp the meaning behind the jewellery we wear: “I have always been close to my grandmother and being in ownership of one of her diamond rings is less about the physical object for me and more about the connection I have with her. It’s an indescribable gift to have something so precious to her now in my possession.”

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The January Birthstone | Garnet

Found in many regions throughout the world including Namibia, Myanmar, Brazil, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka the January birthstone - Garnet is a universal symbol of friendship and trust, known to inspire love. 

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The December Birthstone | Tanzanite

Extremely rare, December’s birthstone, tanzanite, is found in less than 13 square kilometres on the entire planet. They are rarer than diamonds and only recently found in 1967. As it's name suggests, Tanzanite is found only in the deep foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
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Charlotte Gaborit

Having been raised in France, the simple act of baking a weekly apple tarte brings back childhood memories for Charlotte Gaborit. A ritual now shared with her eldest daughter Sequoia, the significance of beliefs and ideals passed through generations is something Charlotte cherishes.
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