The February Birthstone | Amethyst

Joan Mitchell - Cobalt
Joan Mitchell

Said to be the bridge connecting the concrete with the divine, Amethyst has long been linked with spirituality, love and inner power. A favoured symbol for the crown chakra and third eye, Amethyst is a reminder that everything you need to find strength and create peace is within you.

Amethyst inspires the pursuit of one’s passions. According to legend, St. Valentine wore an amethyst ring leading historians to herald it as a stone of love since Medieval times. Dating further back to 25,000 BC, Ancient civilisations such as the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians revered amethyst for its perceived healing powers.

Found in Siberia, Brazil, Uruguay, South Korea, Russia, the United States, South India and Zambia - amethyst is a conduit of calm that emanates love. Believed to conjure hope, peace and courage - amethyst is the perfect talisman for your little love as they move through the seasons of life.

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