In a time where traditions are met instead with trends, BON is the antithesis of this.


A modern and meaningful children’s jewellery brand, BON utilises sculptural charms to signify childhood memories, milestones and moments. 

Akin to wearing your heart on your sleeve or keeping a love note close to your heart, BON charm bracelets and necklaces are made in Aotearoa, New Zealand, using recycled sterling silver or 9ct gold, set alongside ethically cultivated and mined sea pearls and gemstones. 

Imagined to be loved for a lifetime then passed down from one generation to the next, BON forever holds a personal connection between the wearer and the gifter.

Consciously made with ethically sourced precious metals and stones, all BON pieces are made to order.



As a small business, we take pride and care in every piece we make with every design made to order. 

Traceability and responsibility are integral to the brand; every piece is created with the ethically sourced stones and precious metals. BON is proud to partner with reputable stone and metal suppliers, allowing full control and transparency of the supply chain.



Born from a conversation between two mothers and friends, Jasmin Scott and Lucy Pilkington envisaged a brand destined to be cherished forever. 

The most important milestones in life are traditionally marked by gifts of jewellery and as someone who has been on the receiving end of such a gift - it was a tradition each birthday to go with my grandmother to the jewellery store to select a charm - I cherish both the nostalgia and the significance of such memories. I always looked forward to sharing these moments with my grandmother and I still treasure my charm bracelet. The ballet slippers, a ballerina, a seashell, a bow, a fan, a kitten, a flower — they all take me back to moments of innocent and inquisitive joy” - Jasmin Scott.

With time and distance affecting many in today’s world, the desire to encourage connection, conversation and instil tradition is at the core of BON.

My goddaughter lives overseas and I have sent her a charm for her birthday every year since she was born. For us, it’s about connection, especially as she’s living through a time where we’ve been unable to travel. My goddaughter may not have spent a lot of time with me in-person but I know that the charms she receives each year help her to feel connected to me. We often speak about why I chose each one and what they now mean to her”.  - Lucy Pilkington.

The act of gifting jewellery is a meaningful and personal experience, with the potential to hold both stories of the past and those still to come.

“Above all, we wanted to create an offering that can be built on, loved over time, passed on or inherited. Something that is bigger than just the piece of jewellery itself.”



BON Founders Lucy Pilkington & Jasmin Scott