The JUNE Birthstone - Alexandrite

The June Birthstone - Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a rare gemstone discovered in Russia's Ural Mountains in 1830. The gemstone was mistakenly identified as emeralds by miners, but they were surprised to see the stones turn red in the light of the campfire and green in the morning.

Although there is no rich ancient history or lore surrounding Alexandrite, it gained popularity in St. Petersburg, Russia and Paris, France. Later, Tiffany Company's love for the gem made it even more popular in America. George Kunz, Tiffany's master gem buyer, traveled to Russia to search for Alexandrite and bought a large amount, allowing Tiffany to dominate the market for decades. Alexandrite became very rare in the 20th century with no new discoveries until a new find was made in Hematita, Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1987, followed by another major find on the Tanzania-Mozambique border in 1993.

The rare gemstone associated with June birthdays and is the anniversary stone for 55th year in marriage, is known as the stone of "Friday's Child." Children born on a Friday that are thought to be affable, loving, and generous.

Alexandrite birthstone would be the perfect gift for your little one, it symbolises wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune. You can let them know it can help them grow through life by promoting openness, compassion, and acceptance of themselves and others. As they navigate different changes in life, the gemstone can assist in strengthening their intuition, creativity, and imagination while bringing balance to their physical and spiritual worlds.

The June Birthstone - Alexandrite
The June Birthstone - Alexandrite
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