The March Birthstone | Aquamarine

Bon March Birthstone Aquamarine

A gemstone of folklore and hope, Aquamarine is the guiding gemstone for March. Translating to seawater in Latin, Aquamarine’s oceanic blue-green hue has long been a talisman of the sea.

Dating as far back as 480 BC, aquamarine was said to be the treasure of mermaids due to its protective qualities amplifying when immersed in water. It is also associated with safely ferrying sailors across seas and oceans, and to this day believed to protect and guide those travelling across and near the sea.

Now linked to happiness, hope and everlasting youth – aquamarine is perfect for little swimmers finding their feet in the ocean, providing a touch of magic to feel more confident as they learn. Believed to enhance creativity, aquamarine refreshes the body and mind, a little like an ocean swim or shower.

Historically found in Brazil and wider parts of South America, aquamarine is now mined all over the world on almost every continent. Aquamarine naturally occurs in countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Russia.

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