The JULY Birthstone - Ruby

Cy Twoombly

Deep within Myanmar's rugged terrain in the 13th century, miners stumbled upon a treasure trove of rubies, making it the main source of ruby production. Conflicting sources suggest that India was regarded as the country of origin for rubies for more than two thousand years.

One of the most interesting things about rubies is their incredible hardness. They are the second hardest natural mineral, after diamonds, which makes them extremely durable and perfect for daily wear. Throughout history, the ruby has been prized by royalty and aristocracy, adorning crowns, armor, swords, and other regal items. One such ruby, the Black Prince's ruby, is featured on the front of the imperial state crown of England, worn during the king's coronation this year. While some misguided jewelry lovers mistake it for a ruby, it is one of the world's largest gem-quality red spinels, a polished lump that is 5 cm long, pierced, and partly filled with a small ruby.

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